How FTP uploads work

In order to use FTP upload on RenderStreet, please follow these steps:

  1. Connect your FTP client to specifying:
    • the email and password you use for your account on our site
    • the port 51225
    • our server supports both encrypted (FTP over SSL / TLS) and non-encrypted connections
      For Windows users, there is also the possibility to map a drive to our FTP server. See this article for more information.

  1. Upload the files

      a) For Blender: 
  • packed .blend file
  • packed .blend file in a ZIP archive
  • unpacked .blend file with textures and other data in a ZIP file. Note that, if you upload unpacked files, they must use relative paths.
  • unpacked .blend file with textures and other data in a separate folder. This needs to use relative paths as well.
      b) For Modo:
  • the _bundled lxo file
  • the 'imported_images' folder
  • external MDD / ABC caches if necessary (see this article for more information)

IMPORTANT - When uploading the files, always create a folder in the FTP root and upload all project files in that folder. Never upload files directly in the FTP root, as this will cause them not to sync properly with the render nodes.
  1. Go to the site, login in your account and go to the add render job page

  2. At the bottom of the page, select "Use a file already uploaded on FTP"

  3. Select the file you need to render. If you uploaded unpacked files in a folder, you'll be informed what part of your FTP tree will get used for rendering the project. Please make sure all project dependencies are in the highlighted file tree.
For a method to also download the renders on FTP, check out this article.

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